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"تقبل الله منا و منكم"

May Allaah accept from us and you (our good deeds). (via pearlsofislam)

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That Eid feeling is not there unless the family is complete.

It makes me wonder when will all 6 of us gather together again in Malaysia. In this home. We are going to see each other again hopefully for my graduation next year in Canada insyaAllah. But in this house? Hurmm…

Eid Mubarak to you all!


Wherever and whenever you may be celebrating it,
I pray you have an Eid filled with countless blessings.

Please don’t forget our brothers and sisters in Syria, Gaza, Burma,
and anywhere else they’re suffering.
Keep them in your thoughts & prayers.
They still need us.

May the Ummah of the Beloved ﷺ rejoice once again on this beautiful day.

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"Hek eleh bosan giler!"

When I told people there is about just under 15 Malay students in UBC.